Tailor-made concepts


Every type of industry has its own specific flow processes regarding wastewater and process water. The treatment of this water requires a solution that is tailored to these processes. Triqua International aims to provide the best solution in close cooperation with our clients. Eventually the solution can be supported by laboratory or by Pilot research.  

We are specialized in the treatment of wastewater based on membrane technology. 
Our systems are used for:

  • Strict effluent requirements
  • Water reuse
  • Recovery of raw materials
  • Energy recovery
  • Concentration of raw materials
  • Oil/water separation systems
  • Complex wastewater flows

A very economically attractive alternative for your wastewater treatment

If the effluent requirements are not as strict, we also provide Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) systems, a very economically attractive alternative to the Membrane Bioreactor wastewater treatment systems.

We take your concerns  off your hands

Triqua International thinks along with you by providing:

  • Pilot research, eventually followed by (pre-)engineering, provides a stable base for this kind of investment
  • Reliable and user-friendly operation of your water treatment systems
  • Our Service, in which we can provide advice to optimize your business operations at a distance.

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