Sustainable water management for office buildings and hotels

There is an increasing demand for clean water throughout the world. Especially in those areas where water is a scarce product, the price increase of water is tremendously. This in turn has resulted in an increasing demand for water reuse.

For applications such as these, Triqua International offers advanced wastewater treatment systems (Membrane Bioreactors). The high quality of the water that has been treated makes reuse an attractive alternative.

Water reuse in practice in Australia

A perfect example of water reuse in an area where water is scarce is illustrated by our project in Melbourne (Victoria), Australia, where we successfully completed the installation of a Membrane Bioreactor (SubTriq®) for a block of office buildings. Our system is used for the treatment of black wastewater. Subsequently, the treated water can be used as water to flush toilets and for spraying the surrounding green area.

This system complies with ‘Class A standards’ and has a 5-star green rating. 
Another advantage is that the SubTriq® contributes to low energy consumption.

In addition to areas, where scarcity of water is an issue, our system is also very well suited for use in remote areas, such as large holiday parks or golf links complexes, for example.

A big advantage is that the SubTriq® contributes to low energy consumption.

The benefits of this approach

Our systems are characterized by:

  • A compact design 
  • Reliability 
  • Maintenance & user friendliness 
  • A high quality effluent

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