Biological treatment of wastewater without the use of air or oxygen

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Triqua International can supply anaerobic wastewater treatment using existing treatment systems based on anaerobic granular sludge technology. Triqua International offers design, engineering and realization of anaerobic wastewater treatment plants as well as laboratory scale and pilot testing of anaerobic technology and combinations of anaerobic and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology.

With low strength wastewater Triqua International can apply the specially developed Forward Osmosis technology for concentrating the organic pollutants, to make anaerobic wastewater treatment an economic solution.

Furthermore Triqua International supplies a wide range of different technologies in case further polishing of anaerobic effluent is required.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment

Anaerobic wastewater treatment is the biological treatment of wastewater without the use of air or oxygen. The technology is used for the removal of organic pollution in wastewater, slurries and sludge. The organic pollutants are converted by anaerobic micro-organisms to biogas, which contains methane and carbon dioxide.

Biogas is a renewable energy source, which can be used for electricity and heat production.

Very little pollutants are converted to sludge. No major inputs are required to operate the system.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment can be used to treat dilute to concentrated liquid organic wastewaters (distillery, brewery, food and beverage industry, paper manufacturing, petrochemical, etc). Even municipal wastewater (sewage) can be treated in tropical countries with anaerobic technologies. Anaerobic treatment is a mature technology. At least 2500 full scale plants have been realised world-wide for the treatment of industrial effluents.

Benefits of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

  • low sludge production
  • economical operation
  • energy from biogas
  • low energy consumption

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