In-process solutions within the industry

Extraction/concentration of raw materials

In addition to wastewater treatment, Triqua International also provides solutions with a view to cost-reducing measures within the corporate process. Recovery of raw materials and product concentration are excellent examples of this.

The concentration of products in order to save transport costs is an example of this.

In addition, separation by means of membrane filtration will also enable the recovery of raw materials.

Extraction/concentration of raw materials in practice

Extraction and/or concentration of raw materials are widely applied processes in the dairy and beverage industry, of which we will provide a practical example below.

Fruit juice concentration 
Considerable financial savings can be achieved by concentrating commercial fruit juice in the country of origin. The fruit juice is concentrated using membranes and the concentrate is shipped to end consumers. Here the concentrate is diluted and packaged for distribution.

There are also other possibilities, as illustrated in the following practice example.

Production of biosurfactants 
Triqua International developed a method for the production of biosurfactants for a manufacturer of cleaning agents. During this process, specific micro-organisms ferment feed material to produce biosurfactants. It is a two-stage membrane process in which a concentrated biosurfactant solution is produced. The biosurfactants are used in environmentally friendly detergents and washing products. 

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