Efficient and ecological solutions

Wastewater treatment

Triqua International creates tailor-made solutions in the area of wastewater treatment in close consultation with our clients. Triqua responds to the growing need for systems in which consideration is given to:

  • Stringent discharge regulations 
  • A compact design 
  • Strict safety regulations 
  • In-process solutions 
  • Water reuse
  • Upgrading existing system

Advanced wastewater treatment systems

Many conventional wastewater systems do not comply entirely with current regulations. This is why Triqua International provides high quality MBR solutions that comply with even the most stringent of environmental regulations. Our many years of extensive experience have made us pioneers in the field of MBR technology. This technology is a prerequisite in water reuse. The systems are marketed under the name of MemTriq® (cross-flow Membrane Bioreactor) and SubTriq® (submerged Membrane Bioreactor). Pre- and/or post-treatment steps can be built in on request.


  • If the discharge regulations that are to be complied with are not as strict, we also offer an economically attractive alternative: our Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR).
  • Oil/water separation takes place by means of a lamella separator in combination with Ultra Filtration. 

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