Message in a bottle from Mwamtsefu

Triqua International provides clean drinking water in Mwamtsefu

Tuesday 21 october 2014

We ‘re already 5 days in Africa accompanied by several contributors of the Wenzi Foundation.Today we’ll leave for a two day visit to Mwamtsefu in Kenya. I’m very curious about the waterproject. On February 24 2014 I told the villagers about the donation of a village pump from Triqua (International) bv. This Dutch company purifies waste water into clean water. The pump will be placed in the community, somewhere along the river.

Here all children and adults will have access to clean drinking water. A small amount of money must be paid for this clean water, this is necessary for maintenance on the installation. Drinking clean water will save on medical bills. The villagers were moved by the promiss of a waterpump.




Today, seven months later, Samson en Samuel (Tenda Pamoja) give us a guided tour along the water-tanks, the pipe-system with taps and the water well nearby the first kiosk. The foundation Tenda Pamoja focuses on three main goals: improvement of education, healthcare and stimulation of the local economy. After unlocking the pump with it’s key I drank the first cup of clean water.

Such a happy moment. Mwamtsefu finally has clean drinking water. It’s time for a party, so together with all the children we sing and dance of joy and happiness.

Get safe water

Next we left for a visit to the second waterkiosk at the river. The first part by car but for the last part of the trip we had to go by foot. Samuel explaines how the contractor had to use cows for transportation of the building materials.

A beautifull kiosk with the waterpump has risen on the same spot where we had to climb over big rocks on our previous visit in februari. The kiosk is secured by steel doors and a lock. The mural, designed by Triqua, looks fabulous.


Here, on higher ground, it’s much safer to get water from this pump instead of going to the river. Also the crocodiles don’t go that far up  the riverbank. Something I hadn’t even thought about. It touches me, so much has been changed here!

Invaluable gift

The people of Mwamtsefu want to thank Triqua. The water pump, is an invaluable gift. And although Christmass in Mwamtsefu is not the same as in Holland, the villagers are celebrating. Every day! 

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